Based on the different types of tourists who visit Jericoacoara, Pousadas Jericoacoara group met four inns in Jericoacoara, Ceará, Brazil, that are divided into two categories according to their differences, which are turning points in the choice of accommodation.

We identify our customers are divided into two groups: those who prefer the location and to be close to the beach, the restaurants and shops in general, and those who look for an spacious green and calm area, a Swimming Pool, where they can enjoy a quiet family hollidays.

Pousada do Serrote and Pousada Caju are among the few who own a large area thus providing the privilege of contact with the green and comfort of owning a Swimming Pool. The Pousada Jerimar and Pousada Pedra Furada are distinguished by the superb location.

Also offering features room for parties and events in the Pousada do Serrote and space for commemorations at the Pousada Caju.

As you can see through our company you can offer different lodging options and advice customers conveniently and quickly, as we look to a Call Center where you will get more information from all pousadas.

More photos from our Pousadas

Pousada do Serrote

Pousada Caju

Pousada Pedra Furada