• Pousada Pedra Furada em Jericoacoara

    Pousada Pedra Furada

  • Pousada Jerimar em Jericoacoara

    Pousada Jerimar

  • Villa Caju

    Villa Caju

  • Hostel America Do Sul - cartel

    Hostel America Do Sul




Jeri Jericoacoara in Ceará Brazil Special place of pousadas for kite surf wind surf sailing became an APA environmental protection area an a Jericoacoara dunes National Park Jijoca Ceará North-east northeast coast budget in Jericoacoara, pousadas in Jericoacoara, Pousada do Serrote, Pousada Pedra Furada, Pousada Caju, Pousada Jerimar, hotel inn bed and breakfast holidays buggie rides dunes rides beach a brazilian paradise an oasis with fresh water lagoons. Washington post mentioned it as being one of the top ten beaches of the world villa Jericoacoara or Villa Jeri many palm trees jangadas fishing crab sand roads hostel hostels back packer hitchhikers youth hostel for visitors horse back rides blue lagoon paradise lagoon Tatajuba Guriu river sea horses sailing sunset dune rock formations transfers from Fortaleza Airport mini-buses taxis or 4 wheel drive trucks for eco journeys adventure trips and tourism drilled stone photo safaris.
Always returning…
Who knows Jericoacoara always want to return or have no release date. In the midst of a unique nature with moving dunes and incredible green, Jeri is considered a true paradise.